Ankole Watusi International Registry

22484 W. 239 St
Spring Hill, KS 66083-9306


The Cattle Of Kings!

AWIR Mission

Registry's Purpose

The purpose and object of the Ankole Watusi International Registry is to recognize Ankole-Watusi cattle as a distinct breed in order to protect their ancient, rare, and unique heritage, originated in Africa; to preserve its purity through proper breed practices; to promote public awareness of Ankole-Watusi cattle as a distinct breed; to recognize present breeders and to encourage others to develop and maintain herds which will be registered with the Registry so as to preserve for posterity this unique and special breed of cattle; to aid in the study and gathering of knowledge of the past ancestry and future breeding of Ankole-Watusi cattle.

The Ankole Watusi International Registry is a non-profit corporation organized as a trade association or business league of persons (including individuals, firms, corporations, and other entities) who have as a common interest the promotion, advancement, and preservation of the Ankole-Watusi breed of cattle; and to promote, sponsor, encourage, conduct, and engage in activities of all types which will, or will tend to foster, promote, advance, and preserve the Ankole-Watusi breed throughout the world.

Ankole Watusi breed